Bad Ice Cream v4

Play all kind of bad ice cream games, start as an apprentice and become a manager.
Play bad ice cream games, and let your imagination fly.

Bad Ice Cream Games

Play Ice Cream games at Bad Ice Cream v4, which is a new fun game.

In this game, you will learn how a Ice-Cream is made. You will not only know, even do it practically. In the start find out the parts of the ingredients and complete them by clicking and dropping on the right image. Later, follow the instructions given by the computer. Do it carefully and make the best IceCream. You can also play Bad Ice-Cream which is not a cooking game. But you will enjoy the actions in that game. Kids love these games, do you?

Play Now Ice Cream Games

Even if it is summer or not we all love ice cream. This website is about bad ice cream games and how to cook, serve and decorate the ice-cream. You can play all kind of ice cream games and you can start as an apprentice and become a manager. As you can imagine, the majority of your clients will be children so try not to upset them. This kind of games will help you to improve your attention skills and your memory. It does not matter if you have to cook, to serve or to decorate the food, you always have to pay attention to details. Playing ice cream games it is a lot of fun and you can let your imagination fly away. You have to choose your favorite ice cream games and you can play as long as you want.


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