Bad Ice Cream 2

Bad! Bad, Bad Ice-Cream! And now, Bad Ice-Cream 2nd part is even worst! Take control of a tasty but not so friendly creature that can create ice blocks as easily as he can smash them. Move in four directions as you create ice blocks to confuse your enemies, or smash those ice blocks to clear your path thru this snowy-themed maze. Keep your eyes on the enemies that wander around and always try to trap then destroy them, so you could eat all nearby fruits without being disturbed. Click to lick!

code enbbsbsb

Bad Ice Cream 2 Game

Play Bad Ice Cream 2 game online which is a fun action game online. This is the 2nd part of this amazing series loaded with new fun and logic. New levels are available and the graphics are good. Kids who like different flavors of Ice Cream will enjoy this game a lot. The game strategy is same, in the start select the Ice cream flavor which you like most as a hero. Now you will control the movement as a game player. This game is the sequel to the first part but the little harder than the previous one. So, the bad boy is back in this new part.

In different levels of this game eat the fruits treats. But the main thing there will be some enemies, this is your aim to avoid them. Because if they will touch your hero the game will be over. But now worries this is a free game you can play the level again or you can select to restart the game. Music of this game is very bad so you can switch off the music by clicking on the music icon on your game screen. Use your own plan and strategy to play this game. You can play this game in multiplayer mode if you want to share it with your friends. However, if you are alone you can play it in single player mode.

How to play Bad Ice Cream 2

1st Player: The 1st player will use A, W, S, D keys to control the movement and Q key for action.

2nd Player: The 2nd player will use Arrow keys to move left-right and Spacebar on your keyboard for action.

If you haven’t played the first part of this game you can play Bad Ice Cream 1 as well which is available here.