Bad Ice Cream 3

Bad Ice Cream 3 : Third installment of our popular dairy based franchise now in the desert!

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Bad Ice-Cream 3 Game

Play Bad Ice Cream 3 online which is an amazing action game. This is the 3rd part of this series but the most amazing one. Not only kids even elders know about this game series and enjoy it. Playing is like the old parts but the levels are different and the graphics are amazing. If you are in office and have nothing to do you can kill the time by playing this game online. The theme of the game is on 2 Ice Cream characters. So you can play this game alone in single player mode and can share with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Kids like Ice Cream very much so this game belongs to Ice-Cream. You can choose your favourite flavor to play the game in the start. After choosing the player character you can choose the mode, you can to play alone or in multiplayer. And here is the time to eat the treats. There are different patterns on different levels of this game. Previous parts of this game series are also very enjoyable. If you haven’t played the previous games you can try them by going to our homepage.

How to play Bad Ice Cream 3

Walk here and there in the patterns of game and enjoy the treats. But beware of enemies who are walking there as well. If you will touch them the game will be over. You can avoid the enemies by Shooting walls on their way. However, you can start the level again or even can restart the game.

1st Play: The 1st player will use Arrow keys to move here and there and Spacebar or Enter to shoot.

2nd Play: If you are playing in multiplayer 2nd player will use A, W, S, D keys to control the movements of the character and “F” key to Shoot.