Bad Ice Cream 1

Break the ice blocks and collect fruits and avoid being flattened by the enemies!

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Bad Ice Cream 1 Game

Play Bad Ice Cream Game at Cool Math Games which is a fun strategy game for little Kids. This is the first game of Bad Ice-Cream series which is very much famous in kids. The purpose behind the development of this game is only learning. Kids like Ice Cream so they love these characters in this game. There are different types of flavors online which you can choose as a hero. This is an addictive game so you should start playing this game after you are free from your studies. Music of this game is disturbing, so it is suggested to turn off the music before playing. This is a multiplayer game and you can play it with your friends or younger brother or sister. However, if you are alone you can play it in single mode too.

Select in the start that you want to play this game in single player mode or Multiplayer mode. Enjoy the treats which are offered in this game. If you want to clear the level you need to eat all the fruits as a game character. In different levels, different fruits are offered. But beware of the enemies who are also walking behind you. Avoid them and don’t let them touch you. Otherwise, the game will be over But you can restart the level anytime.  When all the fruits will be finished by the Bad Guy, the game will turn to next level. First Level of this game is unlocked and other all levels are locked. You can unlock all the levels by playing and finishing them. You can play more Ice Cream Games at our homepage.

How to play Bad Ice-Cream Game

I am sure there is not need to tell how to play this game if you already have played it. Playing this game is very simple.

1st Player: The 1st player can use arrow keys to control the movement of Ice Cream character and Space Button to Shoot. You can make Ice wall to avoid your enemies by pressing spacebar on your keyboard.

2nd Player: The 2nd Player if joins, can use A, S, W, D keys to control the movements and “F” Key to Shoot.

Note: This Game is Developed by Nitrome games.